SimplyShade – Quick Twist Capri Patio and Balcony Umbrella

Elevate your outdoor living space with the SimplyShade Quick Twist Capri Patio and Balcony Umbrella. Designed for protection and style, this rectangular balcony umbrella is perfect for tight spaces like patios, balconies, and outdoor porches. The 4.95 x 6.93-foot canopy, with infinite 360-degree tilt, ensures optimal shade positioning, shielding you from harmful UV rays, rain, and wind. The sturdy aluminum frame provides stability while remaining lightweight, with a 4.4 sturdiness rating. Quick assembly and height adjustment make it convenient for any user. Crafted from durable polyester fabric, it’s suitable for year-round use. Ideal for adults, this umbrella requires a 1.5-inch umbrella base system (pole reducer included).

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